Klenk® Dual Duct Knives

DA71000 Klenk Dual Duct KnifeKlenk® Dual Duct Knives — Giving contractors a choice — the traditional rosewood handle or the new ergonomic handle

Both knives share the same outstanding features:

  • Stainless steel, 3mm blade, serrated on one edge and smooth on the other — a heavier and thicker blade than other knives.
  • Cut duct board, flex-duct, and insulation.
  • Slim, reinforced, Ripstop nylon sheath included — designed to hang from your belt.
  • With two handle options, contractors can choose the traditional rosewood handle with brass rivets or our new ergonomic rubber handle. Both handles have the same high standards of quality construction and reinforcement.

DA71000 Klenk® dual duct knife, rosewood handle DA71000 Klenk Dual Duct Knife
DA71010 Klenk® dual duct knife, ergonomic rubber handle DA71010 Klenk Dual Duct Knife
Duct Board Knives

  • Heavy gauge blades are made from high carbon steel.
  • Blades are hardened, ground, and honed to an extra sharp edge and cut cleanly through duct board.
  • Knives are available in two blade sizes, 4″ and 6″.
  • Available with or without the safety guard, which increases safety and also acts as a finger stop for cutting with increased pressure.
  • Made in USA

DR68020 Duct board knife, 4" x 1" blade, with guard DR68020 Duct Board Knife
DR68070 Duct board knife, 6" x 1" blade, with guard DR68070 Duct Board Knife
DR68010 Duct board knife, 4" x 1" blade DR68010 Duct Board Knife
DR68060 Duct board knife, 6" x 1" blade DR68060 Duct Board Knife
Folding Utility Knives

  • Quick change blade mechanism makes blade changes simple and fast.
  • Liner lock design with oversized thumb opening holds the blade securely during use, and folds to 3-1/2”.
  • Uses double-notched standard and contractor-quality blades, and includes five spare blades in a reusable holder.

DA84140 Folding utility knife with wood handle DA84140 Jack Knife
DA84200 Folding utility knife with ergonomic rubber handle DA84200 Jack Knife
Utility Knives

DH74610 Front-loading utility knife, includes 5 heavy duty blades DH74610 Utility Knife
Utility Blades

DS56040 Utility blades, standard, 100/box DS56040 Utility Blade
DS56080 Utility blades, standard, 5/card DS56040 Utility Blade
DS56060 Utility blades, hook, 100/box DS56060 Hook Utility Blade
DS56090 Utility blade, safety-point, 100/box DS56090 Safety-point Utility Blade
DS56050 Utility blades, snap-off, 10/tube DS56050 Snap-off Utility Blade

  • Designed for efficient carrying of most knives
  • Made with heavy stitching and reinforced with rivets to give you long-lasting durability
  • Easily attach to a belt

DH75650 Sheath, for knives, leather Everhard DH75650 Sheath
MM20210 Sheath, for knives, nylon ripstop Everhard MM20210 Sheath
MM20200 Sheath, for shears, nylon ripstop Everhard MM20200 Sheath