Sheet Metal Tools

Fairmont Tongs

MT14030 Fairmont TongsThe Original Forged Tongs

  • Used in HVACR, metal roofing, and other sheet metal
  • Forged and plated tongs have bending depth marks on jaws
  • Regular or offset handle models
  • Available with cushion grip handles, providing a softer, more comfortable grip
  • Made in USA

MT14000 Fairmont Tongs, straight handles MT14000 Fairmont Tongs
MT14010 Fairmont Tongs, offset handles MT14010 Fairmont Tongs
MT14020 Fairmont Tongs, straight handles with cushion grips MT14020 Fairmont Tongs
MT14030 Fairmont tongs, offset handles with cushion grips MT14030 Fairmont Tongs
Hand Seamers

  • Drop forged jaw
  • Compound leverage handles
  • Rust-resistant nickel plating
  • Non-slip grips with bolsters add comfort and control.

MA74100 Hand Seamer, 3-1/4" wide, straight handles with cushion grips MA74100 Hand Seamers
MA74110 Hand Seamer, 3-1/4" wide, offset handles with cushion grips MA74110 Hand Seamers
MA74120 Hand Seamer, 6" wide, straight handles with cushion grips MA74120 Hand Seamer
Klenk® Folding Tools

MA77520 Klenk Folding ToolStrong yet lightweight — less than half the weight of steel folding tools!

  • Makes clean folds in 24 gauge sheet metal easily! Made of extruded aluminum, folding tools are less than half the weight of similar steel tools.
  • Available in 12″, 18″, and 24″ lengths. All models fold 3/8″ and 1″ depths.
  • One-piece aluminum tool ► No spot-welds to break loose
  • Ergonomic shape and finger ridges ► Better grip for easier folding
  • Sight holes ► Guides for proper depth alignment
  • Made in USA

MA77510 Klenk® Folding Tool, 18" length MA77510 Klenk Folding Tool
MA77520 Klenk® Folding Tool, 24" length MA77520 Klenk Folding Tool

DA70500 Tinner’s hammer, 16 oz, fiberglass handle DA70500 Hammer
DA70510 Tinner’s hammer, 20 oz, ergonomic handle, polished finish DA70510 Hammer

DA71500 Scratch awl, 4'' Klenk DA71500 Awl
Duct Tools

MA71250 Klenk® Crimper, straight handles, 9-3/4" length MA71250 Klenk Crimper
MA71260 Klenk® Crimper, offset handles, 9-3/4" length MA71260 Klenk Crimper
MA71500 Klenk® Pipe Cutter, 10-1/2" length MA71500 Klenk Pipe Cutter
MA77000 Klenk® Notcher, 8-1/2" length MA77000 Klenk Notcher
MA77010 Klenk® Snap Lock Punch, 8" length MA77010 Klenk Snap Lock Punch
MA73010 Klenk® Duct Slicer, 12" length MA73010 Klenk Duct Slicer
MA77530 Klenk® Duct Stretcher, 16" length MA77530 Klenk Duct Stretcher