Klenk® Laminate Shear

MA72500 Klenk Laminate ShearSpecially Designed for Cutting Plastic Laminates!

  • Klenk Laminate Shears™ cut high-pressure laminates such as Wilsonart® and Formica® without chipping or binding.
  • These tools do not cut steel — they are designed for the kitchen and bath, or cabinet and counter top trade.
  • They will not mar the surface of the laminate.

MA72500 Klenk® Laminate Shear, 9" length MA72500 Klenk Laminate Shear
Tinners Shears

  • Straight pattern tinner’s shears
  • Designed to cut straight, as well as wide curves to the left or right
  • Drop forged of high carbon steel
  • Induction hardened cutting edges
  • Cushion-grip handles

DA70010 Tinners Shears, 7" length DA70010 Tinners Shears
DA70020 Tinners Shears, 10" length DA70020 Tinners Shears
DA70030 Tinners Shears, 12" length DA70030 Tinners Shears
DA70040 Tinners Shears, 14" length DA70040 Tinners Shears
DA70050 Bulldog Shears, 16" length DA70050 Bulldog Shears
Shears and Scissors

Heavy duty shears — bent trimmers and straight trimmers

  • Hot forged with chrome over nickel plating
  • Larger model has extended bottom ring handle, which adds comfort and cutting leverage.
  • Cuts easily through fiberglass duct wrap, duct tape, and other materials.
  • Made in USA

DC65820 Bent Trimmers, 10-3/8" length DC65820 Bent Trimmers
DC65830 Bent Trimmers, 12-1/2" length DC65830 Bent Trimmers
DC66681 Utility Shears, 8-5/8" length DC66681 Utility Shears
DC66695 Electrician's Scissors, 5-1/2" length DC66695 Electrician's Scissors